As a creative soul and a business owner, I am always on the look out for inspiration, tips, tricks and things to try …. well, in most of the areas of my life. Be it a bit of a wanderlust inspiration, simple and healthy (or utterly indulgent and naughty) seasonal recipes, business or marketing tips, simplicity & minimalism how to’s, natural cosmetic product reviews or just some lovely interior inspiration… basically anything lifestyle.

I love the tangible feel of magazines for this, but unfortunately most of the ones I tried don’t cover the right mix of topics (let me know if there is some that you currently love and might be a good fit for me). Never mind the amounts of advertising pages one has to crawl through to get to the actual articles; also not forgetting the poor trees needed for the amounts of paper.

Anyway, rather then buying a magazine on a regular basis (I still treat myself every now and then ;), I now turn to my favourite lifestyle blogs. I spend a lot of my ‘chill out’ time browsing through these, planning our next trips, jazzing up our home or mixing up some fun cocktails.

Here are my current best lifestyle blogs.




Is there actually any need to introduce this one? Nice and clean (in more ways than one)  lifestyle brand with its roots in content across six key pillars: Wellness, Travel, Food, Beauty, Style, and Work. – perfect combination of all things that I love :).


 As GOOP above, this is a great mix of entertaining, living, food, beauty, style and career… basically everything that us girls need to know about these days.

Style me Pretty Living

You have probably come across the famous relative of this blog, yes the famous wedding blog Style Me Pretty. Well no introductions needed then – this is just the lifestyle version and you will love it.

Lark & linen

I love what Jacquelyn is doing on her blog. Lovely articles covering great variety… delivered in a very authentic and fresh way.

Hello Glow

All about nature, goodness, organic …. just lovely. Great destination for natural wellness, nutrition and skincare.

Career Girl Daily

Again lovely blog with great variety – but mainly plenty of career and business tips :).

Any other fabulous blogs that are worth checking out and I should know about? Please let me know in the comments below.
Tereza x


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