Nothing pulls at my heartstrings as much as seeing animals suffer… in any shape or form. What can really break my heart and make me incredibly furious is people being cruel to animals…. dogs, cats, horses… you name it. There is simply no need.

In fact, one of my life’s missions is to earn enough money with my photography so I can open and fund a huge animal shelter … (or maybe a few).

I couldn’t be therefore more excited when the lovely Emma approached me to help with some photographs for her very own and brand new 100% natural/organic; and yes you guessed it, cruelty-free skincare range….


We talked, we laughed and had so much fun photographing her beautiful products as well as a couple of lifestyle photos for her blog and social media.


Over a nice cup of green tea we discussed herbs and natural organic cosmetics and Emma shared so many tips on other cruelty free brands for products that I have been struggling to find… such things as perfumes, make up etc (a separate blog post on this topic coming soon :). We shared stories of the day to day highs and lows of any female entrepreneur (what a relief to hear it’s not only me who struggles with all the many hats we as business owners need to wear :). And you never guess what, she also wants to open an animal shelter…


Well, what can I say, this project and lady was truly special and very close to my heart. Emma is very passionate about her cause and brand.


She is one of these women that really inspires me and astounds me… what she achieved in such a short period of time is just fantastic…. she is absolutely rocking it and already causing a stir in the natural/organic skincare world. And the products are absolutely sublime – for all various skin types


You can read all about Emma’s story and check all the fabulous products at

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