Camera Shy? How to feel confident and always look great in photos!

Are you camera shy? How would you like to learn how to look your best in any photo, be confident and in general rock it in front of the camera?

“I hate having my photos taken. I never look good in photographs…. it’s awkward…nerves, confidence… eeekk…”

This is what I get almost all of the time from the women I’m talking to or I’m about to photograph.

They feel very nervous about the photography… how will they feel during the photographs, what will they have to do and what will they look like in them?


And I totally get it – I know how you feel!

I was exactly like that on our wedding day, or anytime someone actually points the camera at me (how dare they :D). And who am I kidding, to this day, I’m not so keen on being in front of the camera at all! You should hear my hubby everytime he tells me off for not having many photographs of us two, or for not wanting him to take photo of me :).


Firstly please do not worry about it …. it’s normal to feel like that if you don’t know what to expect.

I know what you are going through and I want to help you and make it as easy as possible for you!

And believe me, the last 6 years I’ve been thinking and working on ways and techniques for the best ways to ensure that none of my clients will have to feel like that. Not only like that but so that they actually enjoy (yes you read it right enjoy as in REALLY ENJOY the photography…  ;).


There are also a few things that you can do yourself to feel and look good.

They are very simple but effective things that will transform the way you look in any photo. And this is where this mini series comes in.

To help you out a little bit more I have decided to run a mini newsletter series just for you ladies… because we all deserve to look our best right :). You can sign up right here!

This MINI NEWSLETTER SERIES will be all about sharing insider tips and knowledge on how to look your best in any photo… whether it’s being taken by a professional photographer, by your friends or hubby on holiday, or it’s a selfie with your man.

We will cover various topic such as:

 –   what can YOU do to look better for most flattering photos – such as posing/standing techniques, lighting (even a few tricks for fab facial expressions…I know why don’t they teach this at school right)! –   what can your friend (or whoever is taking the photograph) do to take fab photos of you –  tricks to feel more confident, look more natural and relaxed

  It’s starting very soon… and you can sing up right here:  

SIGN UP HERE – How To Feel Confident And Always Look Your Best In Photos

    And as always, If you have any specific problems or questions, please drop me a line and I will be sure to address it. Loads of love and happy wedding planning. Tereza xox P.S. How about spreading the love and sending this link to your best friends so they can sign up too –  who wouldn’t like to look their best in any photo right?  

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