Monday (a)musings – no.2

Monday (a)musings – no.2 Close up of lovely pink fluffy peony flower

 I don’t know about you, but this weekend (albeit fabulous) just flew by… most probably because it was only 2 days. I was loving and got used to all these bank holiday weekends and the extra day off, so this weekend was kind of ‘disappointingly short’. Who said or decided that weekends should be two […]

Life lately & Monday amusings

Life lately & Monday amusings

The whole field was bathed in the soft warm dreamy-like evening sunshine. Leaves shimmering whilst gently ruffled by a light breeze, birds gliding effortlessly. Everything was peaceful, airy and beautiful. It was the sort of evening perfect for a romantic hand in hand walk. A perfect moment to stop and soak up the luminous beauty.  […]

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