I officially declare September a Hustle month! Yes, February, not January. New Year and the general January action hype ‘ let’s do this’ and new resolutions setting doesn’t really do it for me). I’m more for a chilled and mellow January… let’s calm down and regroup and recuperate after the manic Christmas period… and get ready for the New year. For the Hustle February month.

But before we dive into what that actually means, let me ask you a question first.

If I bumped into you in the street today, and we were good friends – like really really good friends, so we would totally throw away this ‘over eager English politeness and the need to alway say what people expect to hear and how good things are’… Basically we were just being totally real and start saying things how they really are (as I have my personal little saying for this – “stop pussy footing around the hot porridge”

And you answered me as you really felt it! From the bottom of your heart and soul.

So the question goes:

How are you today, how are things… are you happy, are you doing the things that you love that set your soul on fire? Are you living the life of your dreams and you literally can not wait to jump out of bed every morning?


Would your answer be “HECK YEAH – I’m hustling and it’s hard work but heck yeah”! ??? Or more like “Oh hmmm, I’m good thank you. Yes, things are well….”


Let me tell you what I would always want to hear from the friends I love and care about, although you can probably guess the answer straight away – it’s answer 1. And whether it is a “HECK YEAH”, “AMAZING” BLUMIN BRILLIANT, FANTASTIC…. as long as the answer comes with a huge smile and a magical sparkle in their eyes.

Then I’m happy.

And I don’t care whether the reason for this is because they are killing it in their day job, or because they finally set up and are running a successful business, or whether they just enrolled on a writing course to write the book they always had in their head, or whether it is because they started their own blog, or started photography as their new hobby, or just simply decided to spend more time on the things they love! Whatever rocks your boat and sets your soul on fire right.

Sadly, most of these days it’s the second answer. Does it sound familiar?


And before you start coming up with some excuses for their (or your) situation, let me stop you right there and be really really honest with you.


If you really want something, you will make it happen. Period.

You will find your way around the obstacles and decide to wave goodbye to the ‘sorry sob story’ that you keep on telling yourself and use as an excuse for not doing what you love. Because you truly want it and don’t care about what’s stopping you – you happily do whatever it takes for you to get there …. work two jobs for a while, hustle, work on yourself, find some way… Nothing is stopping you.

So please. Please! Don’t tell me you can’t do the ONE thing that has been your dream for like ever because …. you just don’t have the time, are too scared, don’t have money…



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 If you REALLY want something, then you just make it happen. Period. It works for everything and you know it – that beautiful …. (fill in as appropriate – designer handbag/luxury holiday/ car…) that you couldn’t really afford – but you have happily sacrificed three months of going out just to get it! Me guilty as charged.

The …. fill in as appropriate (TV show, party of the month…) that you just couldn’t miss? You had either set up Sky just so you could record it, arrange for hubby to cancel the golf tournament or just found a baby sitter …. but you did make it happen right! Me – guilty as charged.


DREAM LIFE? Doing what you want or what you love? You can have it if you want it bad enough.


Simple as. Here is the permission for you to do and have whatever it is you want. But do you really want it?

This quote is 100% right.

“If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”. Jim Rohn

And slightly stronger version 😀

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bull$h!t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it” Jordan Belfort (not the biggest of role models 😉 when it comes to integrity but he did get what he wanted right ;).


Stop waiting – it’s never too late.


Stop focusing on your excuses. You can decide instead to go for it and stop waiting for whatever it is that you are waiting for (more time or more money) and create the life that you want – LET”S Just do it. Get what you want and are dreaming about. Do whatever you want to do and what you can’t stop thinking about . Create whatever you are dreaming of creating.

So instead decide today – choose the YES YES YES, the Heck yes! And do the on thing that is burning in your heart. 🙂

Not just for yourself, for others. Do you not think your hubby, kids, parents and friends don’t want to see you happy. And in turn, they will be happier in their life. And who knows, you might even inspire them to do what they always wanted themselves.

Just decide and then start, little by little – no need to go crazy dramatic or like a bull in a china shop (i.e. ditching your job, moving lock stock and barrel…) Just start… little by little one step at a time.


Be the trail blazer and set your life on fire…. because life’s too short. (We all heard the slightly morbid but rather motivating question – “What will people be saying about you at your funeral”).


So – What is your choice going to be?

Are you saying YES to the dream you always wanted?

Are you in?

If so let’s make February the ‘let’s make it happen & hustle month”? Be the trail blazer, dreamer and doer?

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